How We Work

The Harris Partners begins each partnership by gaining an understanding of the strategic business opportunities and challenges facing our client. We objectively analyze each client’s business with fresh eyes and ears. Once this critical groundwork is complete, we put our passion to work developing a strategic marketing plan that addresses the unique needs of our client. Then, we assemble a team of experienced marketing professionals to execute the tactics of the plan. Our marketing teams are fluid and flexible. They expand or shrink to fit the individual needs of the clients. This allows us to work more effectively and more efficiently on behalf of our clients.

We are passionate about helping companies and brands grow. We consider ourselves successful only when our clients are successful. The efficiencies of how we work are a large contributor to our clients’ success. Our clients aren’t paying for extraneous services or overhead costs—the kind of costs associated with partnering with an agency. This allows more of the marketing dollars to be spent where they should be—on actual marketing. So, our clients not only get a focused strategy, but also focused spending. That’s a guaranteed formula for success.